In the life of a writer there are books . . . and then there are books.  Saving Amelie was, for me, a rite of passage and certainly my most challenging book to write to date.Saving-Amelie-Book-Cover-250x374

Multiple points of view written from multiple walks of life and set during the early days of Germany’s WWII sweep of Europe—a time and a country rife with propaganda—meant I had to make certain each character looked at life and the times through only the lens of their own glasses, through their own world view at any given moment.  It wasn’t a case of truth “being relevant” or changing, but a matter of who knew what when.

There were times that my research of Nazi Germany and the atrocities committed as part of their eugenics research and determination to eliminate those they considered “life unworthy of life” became unbearable—when only the answered fervent prayers of friends and family in Christ kept me going.

But, this was a story that needed telling, for voices from the sins of the past still echo in our present.  Eugenics and attitudes of “me first” creep through our lives and society in ways we don’t realize, in moments we don’t recognize.  “Those who don’t know history,” as Edmund Burke said, “are destined to repeat it.”  And if we don’t understand the source of our hope, we might wallow in despair.

I’ve been thrilled by the early reviews of bloggers and editors—readers who’ve captured the vision and intent of the story while falling in love with the characters  . . . readers who’ve identified with the moral and spiritual dilemmas and even the temptations the entire cast faces . . . readers who’ve been moved to tears but refreshed in hope.

If you haven’t yet read Saving Amelie, I’d love to introduce you to the cast.  Each day for the next two weeks I’ll post a short sketch of one character after another on my FaceBook Author Page @ CathyGohlkeBooks.  I hope you’ll stop by, check them out, and like the page for future updates.

Beginning Monday, June 2- June 13, in honor of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, ten authors of WWII books will post a blog about their book (including Saving Amelie).  At the end of each author’s blog is a question readers can answer at the Contest Site to enter drawings for all ten books, and in most cases enter a second opportunity to win the book being discussed that day.  I’ll post a link for each day’s blog on FaceBook @ CathyGohlkeBooks, and I’ll post a blog about Saving Amelie right here on June 11.  Stop by to enter my drawing for a signed, free copy of Saving Amelie.WWII_FB Banner

I’d love to hear what you think of the book and the questions it raises.

Looking forward, and praying God’s rich blessings for you,

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  • Sandra Ghrist says:

    I am so excited about this book. I have the Thoene books on WWII both in hardcopy and on tape. I have just about worn them I out during numerous readings. Thanks so much for a new WWII Christian novel.

  • I just ordered Saving Amelie tonight (the print book). It should be here by Friday, and it’s going to the top of my TBR pile!

    Susan 🙂

    P.S. Readers – Get ALL Cathy’s books. They’re wonderful!

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