• Coming June 2014

    Saving Amelie

    One letter . . . one request . . . will challenge everything she believes.

    Rachel Kramer, daughter of an eminent Long Island eugenics scientist, must confront her own pride and sense of superiority to rescue a deaf child from “elimination” at the hands of the Nazis. Jason Young, a driven American journalist with connections to the resistance and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, helps Rachel and Amelie escape Berlin. Forced to hide in the Bavarian village of the Passion Play, Rachel’s every ideal is challenged as she and Jason walk a knife’s edge, risking their lives—and asking others to do the same—for those they barely know but come to love. 


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A Note From Cathy

Every story draws us into a journey. Sharing that journey is twice the joy.

Saving Amelie was conceived after attending the world’s longest running Passion Play (since 1634) in Oberammergau, Germany. I wondered how the Alpine village responded to Hitler and the Nazis, which represented anything but the love of Christ.

When I learned that the scheme to create a master race by eliminating bloodlines deemed “unworthy” was not confined to the Nazis, I wondered how we can prevent stepping onto such slippery moral slopes today. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a WWII controversial German pastor and author of The Cost of Discipleship, gave me the answer.

Reviews for Saving Amelie

“In this compelling and tense novel, Christy Award-winning Gohlke (Band of Sisters; Promise Me This) tells a haunting story of the courageous few who worked tirelessly and at great risk to themselves to save people they did not know, whom they would not see again.  Reminiscent of Tatiana de Rosnay’s stirring stories of human compassion and hope, this should appeal to fans of both authors as well as to historical fiction readers.”—Library Journal

“Highly absorbing and mesmerizing novel. . . The historical research is top notch and what Gohlke does with the personalities of her characters is nothing short of brilliant.  The events portrayed are difficult to comprehend and yet the reality of the story is spell-binding.”—Readers’ Favorite*****

“Saving Amelie is a moving portrayal of the fortitude and resilience of the human spirit.  Gohlke has captured the beauty of sacrifice of those willing to help others in the depths of Nazi Germany.  At times both emotional and suspenseful, this is a fantastic novel for those who love both historical fiction and human interest stories.” –Romantic Times ****

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Author Cathy Gohlke