Band of Sisters–Stepping Out

Modern-day slavery is foreign to most of us and uncomfortable to discuss.  The crime usually involves pimps who buy and sell women and children, forcing them to have sex multiple times in a 24 hour period.  We can’t imagine that such things happen in good families or in our neighborhoods or to people in our church or school.  Sadly, that’s not true.  And the crime is growing, spreading like cancer.

So, how do we respond?

By stepping out of our comfort zones, and speaking and working for the good of those who have no voice.  Victims of human trafficking and modern-day slavery—in all its forms—are among the poor and needy of our day, and in many cases are the orphans that Jesus commanded us to care for.  His wasn’t a suggestion, it was a command.

We must remember, above all, that the discomfort is ours, and the desperate need is theirs.

That doesn’t make it easy.  But, being a Christian, a Christ follower, isn’t easy in a fallen world.

Doing what Jesus did wasn’t easy or comfortable.  He confronted demons and hypocrites.  He stood against people who cared more about the monetary value of their livestock than they did about freeing one human being from demonic possession.

Jesus ate with “publicans and sinners” to the ruin of His reputation, and then He laid down His life for them, and us.  Just as He is our example in loving one another and in protecting innocent young children, so He is our example in setting captives free, in loosening cords that bind, in rescuing women and children from prostitution, men from slavery.

In many countries of the world Christians pay with their lives for standing up for their faith and/or for protecting others.  I’ve heard it said that only in America do we expect it to be easy to be a Christian.

Talking about things that are uncomfortable to our sensibilities doesn’t seem so hard in comparison to the life threatening dangers our brothers and sisters in Christ face the world over.  Let’s join them wholeheartedly in prayer and in working to combat this evil.

Next week we’ll talk “hands on” opportunities to help those in need.

The autumn leaves are glorious, and the weather is a daily gift.  I’m enjoying working outside—both writing, and putting the last of the garden to bed for the winter.

Let’s take a break and stroll through the woods—“a carpet of glory is spread wide today, and the last trace of summer has tiptoed away.”  I’ll pack a thermos of ginger-peach tea to share.

Looking forward to meeting you, here, in the garden, next week.

God’s blessings for you,


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