Stork Delivery

Author copies of my September release, Band of Sisters, appeared on my doorstep this week!  As any new mother, I’m thrilled!

Holding a brand new book in my hands is a little like seeing my children graduate from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college . . . With each step into their future they make new friends, impact the lives of others and leave a little more of me behind.  The more removed they are—physically and emotionally–the more clearly I see them as individuals.  And that’s the way it should be—for children, and for books.

Both go into the world on wings of prayer.  For my children, those prayers center on protection, guidance, joy, and success—all experiences that drive them nearer their Savior and ultimately surrender to the One who knows and loves them best.  I pray they’ll bless the world as they’ve been blessed.

For books, my prayers center on enriching and inspiring readers, impacting those who choose them for good, ultimately instilling hunger and thirst, creating appetite that can only be filled by God.  And I hope readers find strong characters weaving a good story—a safe place where their hearts are, by turns, raced, romanced, warmed, and where their minds are stimulated, intrigued, perhaps challenged to a new course of action.  I pray that reading each book will bless readers as the writing of it has blessed me.

Band of Sisters is a unique story.  Written with a distinct purpose in mind, it goes out with the prayer that it will inspire, even challenge readers to a new course of action.

In the weeks ahead I’ll share some of my research, insights, my journey and hopes for this book, as well as portions of the story and how this historical (1910-1911) impacts today’s world.  I hope you’ll join me.

To pre-order, see Amazon’s pre-release special—only $7.22!  Check it out here.

July has gone and August sails toward September. The Laurel Run flows swiftly again, thanks to some much-needed rain.  Yesterday a great blue heron strolled against its current, never minding the shifting creek bottom —so like small dinosaurs in a modern world!

This morning I sat on my deck with Bible and coffee in hand, relishing the shade of poplars, the movement of lush, green leaves speckled in sunlight, their tips already tinged in autumn yellow.  A red-tailed hawk swooped from the branches, reminding me that I need to repair the bird feeder before fall for the less adventuresome,  reminding me again of the passing summer.

I love the nuances of nature’s changing seasons, the soldierly march of days.  What a breathtaking world!  I hope you’ll find time to enjoy your sanctuary within it this weekend.  I’d love to hear about your special place–what spot in nature regularly speaks to your heart.

Mint iced tea and a couple of lemon lace cookies might be nice.  Let’s sit on the deck, lean back, and gaze up into the treetops.  We just might spot that red-tailed hawk.

I look forward to seeing you here, in the garden, next week.

God’s blessings for you,

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  • Gail says:

    Congratulations on your latest delivery! I cannot wait to explore the pages of your new creation.

  • YAY! What a feeling of a brand new, delivered baby! 🙂

    I don’t think I told you…I finally read William Henry. So good! I’ve been able to recommend it to many, including a friend’s teen son. 🙂 I shared about it at 🙂

    I’m also happy to share that I’ve signed up to review Band of Sisters! Can’t wait!

    • Cathy Gohlke says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed “William Henry is a Fine Name,” Annette! That was a story I walked around with in my heart a long time. Growing up in the south and living in Maryland as an adult allowed me to tap into different perspectives for that significant time in history. Whether or not we agree with others it’s always a privilege to try to understand the world from many points of view.

      I hope you enjoy “Band of Sisters!” It’s unique purpose and direct relevance to current events makes it a very different book from others I have written. I’m praying for its ministry in the world.

      God’s blessings for you and your family!

  • Congratulations, Cathy! I have a review on my blog right now. 🙂

  • Thanks for the copy of Band of Sisters, can’t wait to devour it. BTW, it bumped a New York Times Bestseller as next in line to be read. 🙂

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